More Randumb Thoughts for November

***Why can't people pronounce the word Nuclear properly?

***Why can't people pronounce the name Jaguar properly? It's not pronounced Jag You Are.

***With dozens of sexual impropriety allegations being levels agains men these days is anyone else other than myself getting the distinct impression that women in this country not only don't like men but are also trying to discourage us from dating them? Sound s like they have declared war against men behaving like men. It's getting too risky to date now.

***Be wary of any Blood Bank where the nurses are dressed like Count Dracula.

***When you tell a liar the truth, they believe you are lying. When you lie to a liar they think you are telling the truth.

***Quote attributed to Joseph Goebbels. “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

Randumb Thoughts for November

***Anyone else note that Christmas lights and decorations are showing up prior to Halloween? Used to be around or after Thanksgiving.

***More home stereo notes. Ebay is a good source for finding used, quality stereo gear for your home. For years I've used a variety of Integrated amps from Yamaha (my favorite), Qinpu, Cambridge Audio and Dayton Audio. But very recently I procured a used Denon pma 520 built about 25 years ago. Got it for only $100 and it is as close to mint condition as any stereo component from that era could be. The sound is excellent and was well worth the cost. Yamaha has always been my favorite brand of Integrated Amp due to the mellow and neutral sound of most of their gear. The Denon is comparable but has a bit stronger Bass and offers a wee bit more emphasis on the lower Midrange frequencies. Not as neutral as the Yamaha which has a more balanced sound but still a wonderful sound quality nonetheless. Paired with a pair of speakers that don't have good Bass will bring out the Bass to an acceptable level for most people.

***Now that a lot of people are not watching the NFL now due to the politics being imposed onto the ticket buyers and also some of the other nonsense going on, I would like to offer the following as a means to get your weekend sports fix. Figure Skating. Yes, Figure Skating. I've watched it for decades ever since my friend's brother and his girl friend nearly skated in the Pairs competition in the 1980 and 1984 Olympics. Today while watching Figure Skating on TV I noted that Papa John's Pizza ran a commercial for their pizza. Probably an indicator that some former NFL watchers may be checking out the sport. I recommend it. The grace and skill displayed by both the men and women is something to behold. Every bit as enjoyable as watching hockey. And now with the Winter Olympics just few months away, I hope the USA will win field a very competitive team again just like the last Winter Olympics. More fun IMHO than the Summer Olympics!

***And it looks like that Nutty Buddy in North Korea is finally toning down his talk of war against anyone willing to take him up on his offer to be on the receiving end of one of his nuke missiles. Getting the cold shoulder from most countries and perhaps the threat of having his country leveled by a real foe has made him think twice about trying to bait a country into engaging in nuclear combat with his country.

***And a message to the terrorists that keep attacking unarmed civilians in this country and also other parts of the world. You are not winning too many friends to your cause and will only be met with more resistance if you keep killing unarmed, innocent people. You can trap more bees with honey than balsamic vinegar. You want to convert the rest of us into your sick world? It won't happen.

Nutley at it again

Nutty Buddy aka the Dear Leader of Dwarf Korea (North Korea) is back at it. This time around he's threatening to attack Australia despite the fact Australia poses no credible threat to his country or for that matter any other country. Makes perfect sense, doesn't it?

It is starting to look like Nutley is a low rent Hooker walking the streets looking for action. Any action. Since none is coming to him, he's out trying to drum up business i.e. stir up trouble and clients for his twisted games.

More Randumb Thoughts

***Dwarf Korea continues to directly threaten South Korean, Japan and the USA and the rest of its allies in the Pacific. Just a thought. Since Nutley is likely crazy enough to launch a pre emptive strike at the USA or one of its allies once it has perfected its missile firing technology it would seem prudent to begin work immediately on a Missile Defense System along the lines of the Star Wars concept that was considered while President Reagan was in office. There is nothing to laugh about when it comes to the protection of the USA and its allies that are in close proximity to the Kim Dung Goon's military.

***Need a job? Come to the the metro areas of the Midwest. Job markets are strong in all entry level industry sectors and if you have a good work ethic and equally important, a desire to work, then perhaps a move to a metro area in the Midwest will yield positive results. There are still many parts of the country that are not experiencing much job growth and that being the case, perhaps some people need to start looking for work in areas where they have a labor shortage. And if you are out sitting by the roadside with a sign claiming that you can't find work and need people to hand you money? Why not take that money you've received from kindly passersby and invest in some new clothes and shoes and start pounding the pavement at the area businesses that have Help Wanted sings out and get a job.

***A message to the NFL. Ratings on TV are down. Fans are not showing up to the games like they used to. Dispense with the political statements during your games and during your talk shows. People that earn a middle income to lower middle income wage find it hard to identify with the "oppressed" players that earn millions to tens of millions of dollars annually doing what they love. And you perceive any REAL inequities in regard to the races in this country then why not INVEST your OWN money to create businesses that can hire these oppressed people or create small business incubators that can help entrepreneurs to develop their own business in their neighborhood? If this continues the NFL will be Not For Long and people will continue to turn away from the broadcasts and buying tickets to games.

***Anyone believe that Weather Modification may be playing a part in all the recent natural disasters around the world? All the Hurricanes and Earthquakes in recent months has some people wondering….:-) Someone should develop a giant Monocle that is ground to the wrong specifications and drop it into the eye of every Hurricane that develops. That will take every Hurricane off its course and hopefully steer it into open water away from land.

***Have you noticed former Big East schools like Cincinnati and the University of Connecticut have suddenly become ordinary at best in the sporting world? Disappointing to see two programs such as this sink so fast.

***Thanks to the Republicans yet again, it appears the Health Care fiasco is going to continue and the current system which is in dire straights of going broke will not be fixed.

Randumb Thoughts for September

***I've often wondered if all those Canada Geese that temporarily reside in this country are here legally?

***Nutley in North Korea is at it again. Trying to start trouble. For those of you that have not figured it out yet, the diminutive leader of that Dwarfdom is trying to goad the USA into a war with China. Don't expect it to happen because China will not support Nutley if he makes a first strike against the USA or one of its allies. And thankfully our leaders have enough sense to realize that as long as we don't initiate a strike against the Dwarf and his Dwarfdom, we will not be held accountable if we have to retaliate because Nutley attacked the USA or one of its allies first.

***Nuke power. Great idea but flawed. While the power is efficient to use, eliminating the waste from the spent reactors is a nightmare. No way to destroy it. And merely containing it for tens of thousands of years ultimately will lead to a catastrophe thanks to a event from Mother Nature that impacts the spent fuel rods where they are stored. Just a matter of time. While it may not happen in our lifetime, eventually it will happen and will make Fukushima's constant leaking of radiation look like small potatoes.

***Now that the Alt Right and Alt Left are fighting with one another in the streets perhaps it is time for those of us that prefer a smaller and less intrusive centralized government to start a new movement. I think it should be called the Alt Center. And the platform shall weight heavily in supporting the Constitution and Constitutional Law in the USA and limited big government. Self empowered people are always the most productive and law abiding people that you will find.