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Another Update

Friday, April 15, 2022 6:52 PM

Currenlty WNKC radio is on 107.7 FM in our new home of Hartford City, Indiana.  Unfortunately the range of the station is limited to about two to three blocks at best in order to stay within the legal broadcast power the FCC allows for unlicensed FM.  We are using a C Crane FM 2 transmitter until we can get the AM transmitter up and running and greatly increase our range.  The frequency on AM is yet to be determined.  

WNKC will continue to be a News/Talk format but we’ll be tweaking the schedule in May.  Currently talking to the USA Radio Network about potentially carrying another show or two of their shows on the station.  We are also looking at other sources and hope we can secure some new on air talent for the station while still keeping the best of the existing talent.

The music station, when it returns to the air later this year, will be called WHCR which is the name of a former 10 watt high school station in Hartford City.  The format is likely to be nearly identical to the format in Covington which consisted of Adult Contemporary Oldies, Oldies blocks and Smooth Jazz blocks on the weekend.  Since the area has a number of rock and country stations, these seem to be a way to service a niche market which is not presently served in this area.

I am running a few weeks behind scheudle with work that needs to be done at the new home to make it habitable.  By the end of April the most important work will be complete and I can focus on finding a new job in this area and also getting WNKC AM back on the air.