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General Update

Monday, March 28, 2022 7:02 PM

Slowly making progress with the move to Hartford City, Indiana.  Lots of work to be done with the house and also getting my personal belonings set in place before I can proceed with getting the Part 15 AM stations fully operational.  Hope to start looking for a full time job before the end of April here.  By that time enough work will have been completed in the home to make it habitable and also the work done to get the News/Talk back on the air but with a better transmitter.  The current transmitter fell victim to the move and the range is severly limited and probably can’t reach beyond my property.  After I install either the Rangemaster or Procaster in April the range should be sufficient to cover all of Hartford City during the day and much of it at night.  Later in the year I have a friend that is a Broadcast Engineer that will help with further improvements to the installation and that should yield a stronger within a two mile radius of the station and reach all of Hartford City with a resonablly good signal.