2016 Election Results

This is a message to the people of the United States of America (citizens of voting age) that are not very pleased with the outcome of the Presidential Election. The quality of your stupidity is rising rapidly.

You are behaving like fascistic, spoiled brats. Literally. Get over it. The American people have spoken and they determined the country needs to be taken to a new direction after eight years of the previous administration's failed policies.

Rioting and attacking people based upon race or who they may have voted for is usually reserved for third world countries run by Dictator's. If you don't like the results of the elections and claim this is not your President then you are FREE to LEAVE for another country. No one is going to stop you from going to a better country, if you can find one.

I did not vote for Donald Trump. But I recognize the fact that he won the election fair and square despite claims indicating otherwise. He is OUR new PRESIDENT effective January 20, 2017. Just like the current President, I will hope that he carries out his promises or at least some of them that he made to us during the Primary process and during the actual Presidential campaign. Let's hope he will surround himself with better people than the previous administrations and appoint people to cabinet positions that can carry out his agenda as outlined during the campaign. Too often we have seen a President make promises before being elected and then after he takes office, we find out we've been lied to. This has been an ongoing problem since before any of us were born. We don't need Business as Usual anymore and the country needs to take a new direction to start a healing process and foster an environment where all Americans can benefit. Ultimately increasing employment and cutting personal and business taxes will lead to a better country and reduce the dependence by certain people on our social welfare system when they should not be utilizing it. That safety net is there for those that are truly in need and cannot work.

If you continue with your rioting and violent attacks it will lead to war in the streets. A war that you will not win because you are vastly outnumbered by people that respect the electoral process in this country and also the rule of law. Grow up.