Big 12 Expansion Falls by the Wayside

No doubt all of the suitors that were waiting to hear some positive news regarding being asked to join the Big 12 Conference are completely confused by the outcome of the vote by the Big 12 Conference this week. Some teams that were being courted now feel as though they were played for Chumps.

Here's a suggestion to pass onto the teams of the American Athletic Conference (AAC) which are going to be staying in the AAC. Don't look for greener pastures. Often times making a move of that nature can result in more problems including financial than exists in the current league. Based upon what I've read the Big 12 TV contracts would be up for renewal in a few years and if the renewal was a less than desirable contract for Texas and Oklahoma there is a chance both teams could bolt the Big 12. Take them out of the mix and the conference becomes a rather average conference and probably on par with the current AAC.

My two cents to the AAC members in light of the result of the vote. Stick with the AAC. Build it into a power conference and petition the NCAA to gain the same status as the Power Five conferences. There are teams like Houston, Navy, South Florida and Cincinnati that have very solid or pretty solid football teams. And UConn with its powerhouse college basketball program keeps the Conference on the map. Even Cincinnati often times fields a very good basketball team and its mens' program is ranked in the Top 25 from time to time.

Build the AAC into a Power Six Conference.