Food for Thought

Some interesting food facts follow. Read these in a weekly free newspaper.

Vinegar has the power to melt pearls.

Eating Banana's can help fight Depression.

In the state of Kentucky, it is illegal to hold a ice cream cone in your back pocket.

In South Africa, it is common to roast up termites and ants and eat them as Popcorn.

Fruit snacks typically contain a "special ingredient" known as wax. It is similar to wax that is used to polish a car.

There are approximately 350 different pasta shapes used around the world. Italians often insist the shape you use can affect the taste.

The first food ever microwaved was Popcorn. The second was an egg which exploded in the face of the inventor of the microwave.

Processed cheese was invented in Switzerland over 100 years ago. James L. Kraft of America was the first to make it commercially available by the slice just after World War II. Typically slices contain less than 51% real cheese.