May Update

Happy Memorial Day to one and all and this holds especially true for our Veterans!

Work seems to be picking up a bit now that Summer is nearly here. The employer I've been with for the last 11 years was bought by another company in December and the transitional phase has been a bit chaotic. We've lost work but I am told we will be seeing more work in the months ahead. Right now I am still commuting to Indianapolis from the Cincinnati area but this may change in the near future especially if my income level does not remain steady at a acceptable level. A transfer to St. Louis where we do have more work is a possibility, provided that the volume of work is still there, or I will look for employment in the Cincinnati area. I will know how this is going to play out by some point in July. My decision for now is to wait to see what happens over the next few weeks before making any decision about any change in employment either with my current employer or potentially a new employer.

A side note. I've been working a lot of hours lately and it has resulted in my getting run down again. I've been dealing with a sinus infection that has been stubborn to eliminate. However since this is a chronic problem for me and has been for many years (comes and goes all the time) I know what I am dealing with and how to combat it. But as a result, I do spend a fair amount of what little spare time I have in bed or taking easy until I get over the problem. And then usually it returns after a few weeks or months and I have to deal with it again. Thus, updates to the Low Power AM Radio Network website are infrequent due to the fact that I need to spend a ton of hours trying to dig up news when it is not submitted. And work on the Part 15 AM Radio Station has been stalled for now until I can get some CC debt paid off (not a lot) and some more money freed up to buy the last pieces of equipment needed to get the station on the air.

Will try to provide another update in June.