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Radio Stations Update

Saturday, June 3, 2023 10:07 PM

WNKC continues to air via the live internet stream while we work on obtaining a new property in a small town to return the over the air signals to the airwaves.  The deal to buy a home in Iowa just got fouled up due to another offer being taken when my real estate agent didn’t submit my accepted off paperwork on time.  Back to the drawing board.  Will be back on the road looking at other homes and small towns next weekend.

I will continue to work in Louisville for another six months to a year until a new property is readied for occupation and the radio stations.  My rental lease agreement ends at the end of December this year and anytime after that I can consider moving to a new property (barring any unforeseen issues preventing the closing agaain) and readying it for occupation.  If all goes well, I would think by next Spring both of our Part 15 AM radio stations will return to the air.