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Important Update

Friday, March 4, 2022 9:55 AM

I will be closing on the sale of my home on the 11th of March.  Will be staying there for one to two additioal weeks until I have enough work done in the new home to make it liveable.  I will start looking for a new job in Hartford City starting in April after the work at the new home is finished.

KWAQ AM will leave the air in Covington within the next few days and possibly as early as Saturday.  

WNKC AM will continue to stay on the air in Covington until my last day in the home.  WNKC AM will return to the air in Hartford City within a day of moving there.  KWAQ will have a new name and tweaking of he format before returning to the air later in the Spring.  More news about the move and status of the sations will follow in the weeks ahead.

Right now I think everyone could use a little levity thanks to the mess the world has become.

***Would the world be able to stop the Putin invastion in Ukraine if we give him Clouseau?

***Never take a job in a business where the Human Resources Director is named Hiram Fireum.  

***A rumor going around has the Land O’ Lakes corpration moving to California and renaming the company Land O’ Quakes.