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KWAQ AM Update Note

Friday, August 13, 2021 12:53 PM

This weekend be prepared for a switch to the USA Radio Network News at the top of each hour and Feature Story News airing at the bottom of each hour.  KWAQ AM 1580 will leave the air for a period of time during this transition since it requires urtilizing another computer for the system and also making tweaks to the existing gear.  Most likely this will happen Sunday during the morning.

Also, in the weeks ahead I plan to test a couple of different frequencies other than 1580 to see how well the transmitter works on the other frequencies.   I’ll announce here when this takes place and for how long the test will last.  This is all in preparation for the relocation of the station to a new community sometime next year.  The testing phase here in Covington will conclude this Fall and the station will leave the air in prepapration for the move next year.

WNKC AM 1620 will stay on the air longer than KWAQ since the transmitter being used doesn’t require any take down of equipment outside during the colder months.