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Wednesday, July 21, 2021 9:58 AM

Here’s the latest on the radio station front.

I will be working on a revamped Low Power AM Radio Network website starting in August and the new site should make its debut by the end of September.  The current version is now several years old and updates have been infrequent in recent years due to the work I’ve been doing on getting my own stations on the air.  

The KWAQ AM 1580 sound continues to be tweaked in an effort to improve the sound and listening experience.  Please be aware from time to time there may be dead air or odd noises coming over your radio due to changing equipment or cables or fine tuning the software.  And now the Jim Campbell Show (normally airs o the Biz Talk Radio Network) airs Sunday mornings after the 11 AM News on KWAQ.

The search for a new property is back under way.  Unfortunately the strong housing market that has existed for more than a year now is hampering my efforts to purchase.  Between fast sales on existing homes and rising prices, I’ve had to come up with a short list of nearly a dozen communities in several states where the potential to develop the radio stations into a small business to look for a house.  Essentially which ever one I can purchase a property in first will be the permanent home for the station. Hopefully a slowdown in sales will come soon making it possible to purchase before the end of this year.  Relocation should then occur during the first half of 2022.