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KWAQ AM Update

Sunday, June 13, 2021 6:07 PM

The weekend of the 19th of June, the music format of KWAQ AM 1580 will be temporarily stopped while I test the WNKC AM News/Talk feed into the KWAQ AM audio system.  The hum in the audio chain of WNKC persists and I hope by changing the mixer and audio processor for the station (currently in use by KWAQ) for a few hours will yield some insight into the cause of the humming problem in the WNKC audio chain.

And please be aware, there will be a day here and there where KWAQ will be off the air while I do some tweaking to the system or install new equipment i.e. travel.  This past weekend a new Arrakis ARC 5 mixing console was installed along with an upgrade to the audio cables that will result in a smoother sound of the station audio.