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Thursday, March 25, 2021 10:25 AM

I hope to resume my new home search in April.  I may have to be available for Jury Duty starting in April and after I find out what is going to happen with that, I will have to adjust my schedule accordingly.  If I can work my travel plans around jury service, I will do so.  Otherwise the home search will resume later in the Summer when my service availabilty ends.   Current plans include looking at homes in small towns in Missouri, Kansas and Indiana.  Pennsvylvania is now off the table.  Staying in Kentucky is still a possibility if I can find a suitable property in a small town with no local radio.

WNKC AM 1620 is contuing along with its News/Talk format.  A new station will start airing here by the end of April on AM 1580.  The format will consist of Adult Contemporary Oldies and Easy listening Hits and light rock from the early 1960’s through 1999.  Also, Oldies hits from 1955 to 1976 will air on Sunday during the day and Smooth Jazz from 6 PM through the overnight.  A better outdoor transmitter will be used which should help increase the range of this station compared to the very short range of WNKC.  Hopefully despite the myriad of environmenal issues that exist in the current location won’t completely stifle the signal of the outdoor transmitter.  With some luck, perhaps the listenable range will be a few blocks from the site. 

Network News from Feature Story News will air at the top of every hour during weekdays.  On the weekend Feature Story News produces a week in review cast that will air in place of the top of the hour news.  Weather forecasts may air later in the Spring or Summer.