The WILW Radio Blog

Good News!

Sunday, October 10, 2021 2:53 PM

First.  KWAQ AM has returned to the air.  The issue with the audio dropping out has been resolved and now the audio flow is back to normal.  Currently the station is airing on 1620 AM while WNKC is now on 1580 AM.

Next.   Good news.  I’ve finally got a successful offer in on a home in a small town in Indiana where the radio stations stand a chance at succeeding.  The signal will carrry much better in the new location because there are no obsttalces around the property like there is in the current location.  And also due to the size of the yard, the transmitters can be properly insttalled allowing for more height and a better signal than our present location.  I will not formally annnounce the name of the new town until after the Closing on November 1.  Just in case something goes wrong between now and that time I don’t want to make a formal announement about where and when I plan to relocate.  I will say it is likely I will remain in Covington until at least next June while I get the new property ready for occupancy and for broadcasting.  

Lastly.  I will continue to keep both WNKC and KWAQ on the air in Covington until about the time I completely relocate from Covington to the new town.  Additional changes to the frequency of each station will continue from time to time as I test the range of the stations with different frequencies.