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Randumb Thoughts and Updates for August 2020

Sunday, August 23, 2020 5:08 PM

***It looks like WNKC AM 1620 will start airing talk shows from the Genesis Communicatons Network very soon.  We are just waiting for delivery of their proprietary delivery system before airing the shows.  Also, USA Radio Network News will start to air on the station at the same time.  We’ll continue to air two shows from the Biz Talk Radio Network (Business Talk Radio Network) on the station.  Jim Campbell and the CEO Show will have continue to air on WNKC but their current time slots will change upon the start of the GCN shows.  We’ll post a complete schedule on the WNKC website.

***Have you ever noticed how people that truly are uptight tell other people to relax, especially those that are not uptight? LOL. Absoultely true.  

***Does anyone really believe the New Normal is going to be with us for more than a year?  Something is really fishy, eh?

***Why do so many people speaking in front of microphones not have a mask?  Seems like a great way to spread germas.  Apparently the masks are more form than function.

***I know I am speaking for millions of people in this country when I say that I am fed up wtih the politics enveloping sports leagues, especially the NFL.  I have a solution.  You will be able to find some old NFL Games on Youtube if you search for specific games from the past.  I recommend finding Super Bowl 7 and Super Bowl 8 both of which were won by the Miami Dolphins.  The 1972 Dolphins are the only undeafeated team in NFL history.  And the 1973 team appeared to be even stronger and more dominating than the 1972 team.  The Dolphins offense first Csonked the competion and followed that with a good dose of Mercury and then Kiicked the opposition on Third down.  Ultimately the opposing team was defeated aftrer the Dolphins offense declared Warfield against the other team.  Watch the greatest NFL team ever assembeled at their best in these two Super Bowls.