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Randumb Thoughts and Updates for July 2020

Thursday, July 23, 2020 10:39 AM

*** A quote attributed to Eleanor Roosevelt.  "Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people”.

*** A recent article from the New England Journal of Medcine on the use of face masks during this pandemic.  Read it here. 

***Sweden is still reporting lower death rates due to the virus panic despite not locking down the country.  Read the article here. 

*** I still have a couple of people wondering why I am not currently engaging in a social life right now or dating.  I suspect there are many others but they are keeping quiet about it.  As usual I don’t like to air out my personal life too much on the Blog but apparently again I have to explain again why I am not presently out and about having fund.  It is something called “Responsibility”.  Yup.  Paying off debt, saving money to purchase the next property and to fix it and getting the radio station ready to run as a commercial entity in the future.  A social life and expecially dating or having a girl friend takes up time and costs money.  If I didn’t have the other matters to be concerned with then a social life would be possible.  And I have to consider that dating a woman right now is foolish since I will relocate to another region by the end of 2021.  I see little point in a short term relationship only to dump a woman when I leave.  It’s not likely that I can find someone that will relocate with me when I move.  There you have it.   "And that’s the truth…. Piththththththttht” (Quote attributed to Edith Ann)

Radio Update

I am in the process of updating WNKC into a News/Talk station during the rest of my stay in Covington.  I have started to air some shows from the Biz Talk Network (Business Talk Radio Network) and hope to add others from their network and also from other networks in the weeks ahead.  Adding a network newscast is in the works for August.  You can see the new website here.

I have begun the active search of finding a new smaller town in which to develop at least one and possibly two Part 15 AM radio stations.  Currently locations in small towns in Kansas, Missouri, Indiana and Pennsylvania are on the short list.  I hope to have a property purchased by the Fall of 2020 and then have it fixed up and ready to occupy by the Summer of 2021.  

Relocation Update

Still planning to work at Perfetti for at least one more year while i put things togher in the new community.  Relocation to the new community is expected to happen by the end of 2021.  More road trips are in the works over the next few months until I secure a suitable property for development of the Part 15 AM radio station.