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Randumb Thoughts for March

Monday, March 30, 2020 10:25 AM

1). Why isn’t Social Distancing appropriately called “Anti Social Distancing?”  :-).  I’ve been practicing it for years ever since I started working in Indianapolis and later moved to my current area upon noting I was not all that welcome by many of the local people in both areas.  I’ve come to the realization that people in most cities and metro areas are becoming nasty compared to decades past.

2).  I am in the process of building the new Low Power AM Radio Network website with the new web design software.  I hope to have the remaining sites built and moved to the new hosting company by August.  Also, I will merge the Hamilton Rangemaster Forum site with the Low Power AM Radio Network website now that the boards are essentially lifeless.  This has been a trend with most low power radio boards for years and I see little point in continuing two boards that don’t see much use now.   I still can’t update the Low Power AM Radtio Network website or the Rangemaster site due to a problem with the current hosting service and both will remain as is until the new site is in place in a few months.

3). I am starting work on creating the new format for the radio station after I relocate from my current area to the new area in 2021.  Still projecting the middle of 2021 as the target time frame to move.  I am developing a format that will appeal to the residents of the smaller towns where I am looking to move.

4).  I’ve had to postpone my travel plans to visit small towns in Missouri, Kansas, Indiana, Iowa and Pennsylvania due to the Coronavirus panic.  Maine is now officially out of the picture as a potential relocation site.  I hope by June I can hit the road for a couple of weekend trips to check out the towns on my short list for relocation and radio station purposes.  Wtih luck, I will purchase a new property in one of those towns by the Fall and then hope to move in 15 to 18 months from now.

5).  Development of the radio station and relocation is a bit of a concern in light of the impact on the world wide economy from the Coronavirus panic.  In light of this, I am going to spend some more time researching small towns in Kentucky one more time just to see if I can find one that can fill my needs.  Past findings led to finding towns that I could afford to buy a property BUT they already had a radio station.  I was unable to find a town large enough to provide even a modest revenue stream for my Part 15 AM station.  But I may have missed something in the past and will spend a bit more time in the weeks ahead to see if I can find something that will work.  Relocating within Kentucky would be easier than moving to another state now.  My current job is safe and I like it and if there is a way possible to find a community within commuting distance that has clean air, a property I can afford and the potential to develop the radio station, then I will pursue moving there.  But the odds are not good based upon past research findings.