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Sunday, March 8, 2020 5:16 PM

I am having problems yet again with the old software and trying to publish both the Hamilton Rangemaster Foirum website and the Low Power AM Radio Network website.  For some reason while I can update the information on the software itself, publishing to either domain is not functioning at all.  In recent months I have had a lot of trouble with the hosting company and also the software used to develop all of my sites for many years.  Recently I switched to a new program called Everweb which is also a Mac based program and that has proved to be easier to work with and is more flexible with page layout.  And publishing of this site and also the WIMP AM Radio website has been reliable.  

During the next few months I will be building a new Low Power AM Radio Network website and will likely piggyback the Hamilton Rangemaster Forum website with it  to simplify the development of the sites.  The new site will be built in Everweb and hosted with my new hosting company in an effort to improve the site development and publishing.  This in turn should lead to a better experience for the viewers of each of these sites.  Stay tuned for news on this here on the Blog during the months ahead.