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Relocation Update

Wednesday, November 25, 2020 3:40 PM

Thanks to the newly acquired Covid 19 travel advisories to and from several states I had to posptone my travel plans to look at homes in a couple of towns on my short list of communities for relocation this week.  I did have an opportunity to look at one small town here in Kentucky that might work.  But a second fact finding trip is likely to be needed in the next few weeks to determine if this place will be suitable for development of the radio station.  In addition, I still have plans to look at properties in Pennsylvania, Missouri and Kansas provided that the properties that I need will still be available when travel is possible.  And in the towns in Indiana, when homes in my price range that are suitable for my needs become available, I will be seeing them.  Ultimately whichever place I can get an accepted offer first, will be the new location in the future.