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Women in the Cincinnati Region

Wednesday, January 29, 2020 11:32 AM

While I generally dislike posting topics of a personal nature on this Blog, this is a topic I believe must be addressed.  Having talked to a number of men in this area on the subject of women, it seems as though I am not the only one having a number of issues with them.  Specifically their awful behavior!  After moving to this area I learned this is the Cougar Capital of the country.  Unfortunately the experiences I’ve had and that of many of the men I’ve talked to around here bears this out.  It has led to bad relationships among men and women here.

In addition, I've noted a number of people are sticking their nose into my personal life and are wondering why I am not dating.  The reasons are numerous but I will cover the primary points.  Perhaps this will lead to less confusion about my perceived sexual identy among ignorant or stupid people and maybe it will help the feeble minded comprehend why I am not dating women here.

I’m sure most of the women here have noted I am not trying to talk to them  The primary reason is that I’ve noted that so many of you “think” a guy is hitting on you for simply saying “hello” or “how are you?”   or even talking about non personal matters including in the work place.  This happens at work and or in a store or for that matter anywhere we might meet.  You strike me as having an unusually superior and high opiinion of yourselves which in most cases, is not justified.  The last thing I need in my life is an egotistical and arrogant female.  In addition, I don’t like aggressive women and the women that seem to want to talk to me or go out are just that.  Over bearing, domineering and even dictatorial.  You also possess combative natures and seem to enjoy friction in a relationship.  I am NOT your type.  We are NOT compatible.  My Mother did not raise me to wear a dress or be treated like a child,  I am a man.  I know I speak for many other men when saying that we would prefer to have a symbiotic relationship with a woman and not a war.  Also, many of us, myself included, don’t like the stupid childish games.  Feigning interest for example when you are not interested.  Very superfical behavior which will only lead to problems finding a decent companion of the opposite sex. And going after a guy only for his money won’t help.  End result?  Lots of single unwed Mom’s or single women out there that have little hope of finding someone to spend a lifetime with these days.  And this mindset started with the Baby Boomer Generation and now has impacted the Millenial culture and latest generation.

In my case it is a more complex issue as to why I am not dating.  For starters, my personality type is only going to match up with more introverted women or those with friendly, yet somewhat subdued extroverted personalities.  Most of you need to take the Myers and Briggs Learning Inventory to help you find out how to find a more suitable mate.  This applies to both men and women.  Unforutnately my personality being what it is will only match up with one or two women out of 100 where we might be potentially compatible.  Based upon the difficulty I’ve had dating over the decades and finding someone with the right personality, character and also sharing similar hobbies and interests I see little point in even trying to date at this point in my life.  Maybe in the future. For me, looks are not as important as with most guys but the other traits I mentioned are.  While I am not going to date someone that is not physicially fit or unattractive, (I am still in pretty good shape and fairly active despite my average looks) I can find some one with average looks with the right personality and character attractive.   Sadly, the only women that want to go out with me, irrespective of their looks, are not my type.  I’d rather be alone at this point than be with someone that is going to cause turmoil and friction in my life. I am not lonlely and rarely get lonely. While I didn’t plan to spend the rest of my life being alone, I can deal with it if it works out that way.  I’ve only been out with women in New England and once in Montreal.  A different cultrure than the Midwest. I am not going to put myself into a relationship that will turn into a match made in hell for me.  I’m the very same person I was when I moved here a little over three years ago and in fact, I am the same person now that I was several decades ago. But your perception of who and what I am is screwed up and has led to the problems. That’s just how it is.  You have to deal with it because you have the problem with it, not me.

I won’t be staying in this area permanently.  The sinus problems I have here is sufficient reason to relocate to an area of the country where I will be able to breathe better and likely avoid more serious health issues later in life.  And other reasons such as the problems trying to develop the radio station here also come into play.  And I would prefer to be in an area where either I know people or they at least know who I am which will lead to a lot less rumor mongering and gossip and blatant lies about my character.  Within a couple of years I plan to relocate to an area where I will have less trouble with the people, can develop my flea powered radio station free from environmental issues and also where I have a better chance to meet women that are more compatible with my personality or socio economic background or at least share some common interestes and hobbies.

I’m truly sorry for taking the time tyring to be nice to many of the women here.  No, my feelings are not hurt because I honestly believe you were raised a certain way and are behaving in a manner consistent when dealing with the men in this region.  Perhaps treating a guy like crap will attract some guys here but in my case, nor that of any of the men in my family or social circle won’t view this abusive nature as enticing.  Clearly you can’t distinguish that my personaltiy is different from the local men.  Or perhaps it confuses you? I was not raised in the same manner as you and we have different values and personalities and hobbies and interests.  I recognized this problem within a couple of months upon moving here over three years ago and I knew at that time I was not going to date women here. And no, I am not gay.  Men need not apply.  If I wanted to ask you out I would do so.  I’m not into men.  And dating women at this time is not going to happen. That simple.  

While my job here is working out fairly well, living here is not working at all.   My home is not at all adequate for basic living due to its size and lacking certain amneities.  I can’t entertain guests. And the prospect of getting a home that is suitable, is very low due to the rising home costs and also the needs of my radio station.  It makes much more sense for me to move on to a place when I am ready and get a better home for living and also be able to enjoy life again.  I can’t do that here.  And the need for bettter air quaity leading to a reduction or elimination of my sinsus problems is very imporant.  I don’t like feeling tired all the time or being stuffed up a lot and also looking lousy. I need to put my physical well being first.  And it makes good sense to move to an area where I have a better chance at meeting women for dating purposes. This is not the place.  I have recognized I am living in the wrong region.  You don’t have to go away mad, just go away. :-)