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The happiest States and Cities in the USA

Sunday, January 5, 2020 11:27 PM

Since I am in the process of researching places to develop the Part 15 radio station into a commercial venture, I have begun looking at places that seemingly have happier people than in my current region. And I have a friend that is planning to relocate herself and her kids in the future and this is a good way to help her find a suitable place to call home.

Clearly it is preferable to live and develop a small business in a place where you won't find as much negativity as I've found in the region where I reside presently and even the states that surround it. Just a lack of positive people and a "Can Do" attitude seems to permeate the place. On to the rankings and lists that I've found.

Happiest cities from Wallethub.

Happiest states from Wallethub.

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The United States of Well Being from Yahoo. Best and worst states map.