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Good news to start the New Year

Sunday, January 26, 2020 2:44 PM

Aside from the disaster with the Part 15 AM radio station, I have some good news to mention.

I just received a nice raise at my job that will allow me to continue to save money and get debt paid off. And later in the Spring I am planning a trip back home to Connecticut to visit with family and friends.  

I will be replacing the existing Rapidweaver software I've used for more than a decade to build websites with Everweb for the Mac. Rapidweaver has become too buggy and cumbersome to use and it limits how I am able to get a the right layout for most of my sites. Everweb is more flexible with object placement on a page and will allow a page to display the way I need it to in order to make the visitor's experience to my sites a better one.

In addition, I have some solid leads as far as relocation to a more suitable community for the purpose of developing the Part 15 AM radio station and cleaner air to allow me to breathe better. Mostly I am concentrating on areas where I am already known by people or where I know people in the general area. I won't be choosing another place where I am not known again because it has led to numerous problems with the local population. Currently locations in Pennsylvania, Kansas, Missouri and Iowa are under consideration since the areas I am looking at will have communities where the radio station can be developed, housing is available in my price range for a cash purchase and employment opportunities will be within a reasonable commute. Also under consideration is a couple of places in Ohio and Indiana. Still on the radar but long shots for the relocation are locations in Maine and New York due to higher home prices. Hit and miss for the money I have to spend.

Lastly, I am going to invest in some decent cookware in the near future thanks to my raise. For anyone that likes to cook, buying superior quality cookware will improve the quality of the food that you cook. Recently I purchased a Kalorik Hot Stone Pizza Maker to replace my old Wisco Pizza Oven. Surprised to find the Kalorik makes a quality New York Style Pizza albeit no bigger than about 12 inches. Recommended if you want to make pizza at home. Priced at under $100 in most stores and online.