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Another Radio Station Update

Sunday, January 5, 2020 6:28 PM

The noise that was evident in the transmitter audio chain at the start of the tests has not returned. I've been running weather reports for a couple of weeks now on the new Talking House I.a.m transmitter. Range is very limited right now due to the indoor antenna being used. This is sufficient for a few months while I continue testing the new automation software and audio processing software. In addition I am continuing to record the Smooth Jazz music for the station and hope to begin airing the music format by early Summer time.

I am still working on a short list of communities to relocate the station to where the transmitters will work better and not face numerous challenges from the environment in this area. I am going to try to locate in a community that has no local radio at all or at best, no local programs from any location stations that may exist in that area. I will have more to report on the short list of potential sites in a few months.