Radio Station Update

My plans to develop the Part 15 AM radio station in the Cincinnati area appears to be in jeopardy. Several issues that are out of my control have arisen over the last few months and they are negatively impacting my plans to put the station on the air there.

I am currently working on an alternate plan and have started to look at new communities that should offer a viable backup plan in case my current plans are dead in the water. The biggest issue is that housing prices are rising fast and I am being priced out of the market for a second home which is critical for the location of a second transmitter. And another serious problem stemming from a nearby property that is creating a real noise issue is also a major factor.

Stay tuned to the site for new information as it becomes available. I will make a decision about whether or not to throw in the towel in the current location and go to another by this Fall.

Cooking shows on Television

I watch cooking shows on TV from time to time. Probably at least once a week. I like to cook and I can get some good ideas and recipes to use in the kitchen.

But can someone please explain to me why they never and I mean NEVER seem to create a bad dish that tastes awful? Seriously, it is hard to believe that every dish they make comes out fine and tastes great. Must be some kind of editing job during the shooting of the program. If something turns out bad they cut it out of the show and tape another segment that contains a better recipe or a remake of the original that now tastes the way it should.

Only on television...

NHL Stanley Cup Finals

If anyone can show me a sport that has a more exciting playoff and especially the finals other than Pro Hockey I'd sure like to know about it. It never ceases to amaze me at how NHL players seem to take up their level of play another notch or two when they get to the championship and play for Lord Stanley's Cup.

On a related note. I am befuddled as to why at least one of the big 3 TV Networks even failed to mention the winner of the Stanley Cup during its morning show. Instead the Soccer World Cup was pushed with live reports and a considerable amount of time was spent covering that. No mention and I mean no mention of the Stanley Cup Final except in a little message scrolling at the bottom of the screen with the rest of the less significant sports news.

Do you mean to tell me that Soccer now has more of a following in the USA than Hockey? I doubt it at least at the professional level.

The LPAM Network website notes

I am going to have to start from scratch and rebuild the LPAM Network website. Apparently some pages have become corrupt from something and I am unable to add new links on these pages to resources for Part 15 AM broadcasters.

I planned to purchase a new computer later this year and after that occurs, I will start work on the new version of the site. In the meantime please be patient and continue to use the site. I will be making some changes to the new site after I determine which content will stay or go and also how much time I will have in the future to maintain the site. The good news is the site will definitely survive in some form that will offer services to Part 15 AM broadcasters.

Back in Relocation Mode

Looks like I will be shopping for another house and probably in another community. Recently a problem has cropped up with a new neighbor and I am not certain the issue can be resolved at this point. Even if it does get resolved, I am not overly optimistic that other issues indirectly related to the initial problem will be avoidable.

At this point I am going to start looking at homes in areas where there is the potential to develop my commercial Part 15 AM radio station again. As much as I'd like to stay in northern Kentucky (near Cincinnati) the current housing market which is going like gangbusters may make it almost impossible to buy a second, more suitable property in which to live while converting the current property into a rental and office space for the radio station. Hopefully I will have a new home and community lined up by Summer or early Fall at the latest.

My lease at the apartment in Indiana is up by the end of September. With luck I can be out of Indiana by that time.

Will keep you posted.