Ikea Swedish Meatballs

I've read some rnegative eviews from people that have purchased and cooked the Swedish Meatballs from Ikea. I think I can offer a suggestion that will improve the experience when eating these.

First, I should mention my mother's side of the family is from Sweden. I used to eat home made Swedish Meatballs that my Grandmother and Mother used to make. Clearly the Ikea version is a bit different than the family recipe but the Ikea recipe is actually pretty good if you follow a couple of simple rules when making them.

First, don't bake them. I don't ever recall seeing Swedish Meatballs getting baked in our family. Fry them. It may be possible to par bake them but then I would recommend frying them to get a better texture. And use a little bit of butter in the frying pan when you fry them up. The flavor of the spices will meld more smoothly when you saute' the meatballs in some butter for a few minutes. They will not turn out hard like rocks which seems to be the case if they are only baked.

I made home made meatballs a couple of years ago and I did not bake them. Only friend them in a little butter. They turned out fine and were not hard like hockey pucks. That seems to be the key to a better and more authentic Swedish Meatball!

LPAM Network Website

The new site at www.lpam.net has been unveiled. If you are interested in Part 15 AM broadcasting please visit and participate in our new Discussion Forum!

The site is a work in progress. New content will be added as it becomes available.

Important Quote

And it seems relevant to what is going on in our world today.

Read this.

National Football League

The scandals and the attack on the Washington Redskins team name. Anyone else think that the NFL is coming under direct attack from nefarious sources that want to put it out of business? I would not be surprised if the NFL ceases to exist in another decade if these issues persist.

Car Woes

As luck would have it the engine in my car has all but died and needs to be replaced. I have been off the road for a week now and can only work a couple of days a week until I have the engine replaced. I do have an engine on order and it should arrive and be installed in about two weeks. In the meantime I will be spending some quality time with my computer and can devote a lot of time to some projects that previously I have not had the time to spend.