Randumb Thoughts for July

Beware of any Online Logo Creator that claims that they are giving you a "free" logo. I've found that most of them trick you into believing that you are going to be able to create a logo by your own hand and can then download it to use as you see fit. That is not the case. In reality, once you've completed the logo and want to download it, they will ask you for personal information and then ask the you purchase it.

I certainly don't have a problem with buying something of this nature after creating it and I may do so unless I purchase software that allows me to create my own logos and graphics. But it is evident these Online Logo Creator sites are not being up front from the start of the design process that you will have to pay for the logo once it is completed. A very sleazy business practice and consumers need to be wary of these sites.

Has anyone ever noticed while watching reruns of old sitcoms that neighbors and friends of characters on the show usually just walk into a house or apartment without knocking? Or if they knock they simply enter the home after they've knocked and made their presence known? You would think that home owners and apartment dwellers would have enough sense to lock their doors especially at night when they are living in a apartment to keep just anyone out.

Are you one of those people that scoff at the idea of eating non GMO foods which would primarily include organic fruits and vegetables? If so, one thing to consider that may have you changing your mind. While the jury is still out concerning the "safety factor" of eating Genetically Modified foods and since no verifiable studies indicate you could perish from GMO foods, you should at least consider that Organic foods do not use ANY pesticides or harmful chemicals when fertilizing the crops or to prevent bugs and harmful animals from damaging the crops. With that in mind, at the very least if you purchase Organic products, you can be assured that you are getting fruits and vegetable that contain no potentially harmful chemicals on the outside of the food. And as always, make sure you wash all of your produce before eating it raw or even when cooking it.

I am going to put in a plug for the University of Connecticut to be considered by the Big 12 Conference for one of their next teams when they expand. Some facts to ponder.

UConn is one of the top public universities as ranked by US News and World Report. I believe it is the 19th best public college academically in the country. Next, the Hartford-New Haven Television market ranked at number 30 is larger than Cincinnati, Memphis and most other potential candidates except for Houston. Also, access to the fan base in Boston, New York City and Providence along with the nearby Springfield, MA market will yield a potential gold mine for ad revenue generated by television broadcasts of UConn games. Also, adding Cincinnati and UConn will give West Virginia some nearby rivals from its stay in the Big East Conference. Lengthy travel these days is a non issue since revenue can sustain air travel from coast to coast for the bigger Conferences like the Big 12. Lastly, and likely not needing to be mentioned is the fact that both the Men's and Women's UConn basketball programs are among the elite in the country. With all that in mind, UConn appears to offer some real benefits to a established Conference like the Big 12.

A message for Southwest Airlines

This is directed specifically at the upper management of Southwest Airlines.

Air Cargo. In light of the recent computer crash you've got tons of cargo sitting in your air cargo facilities that is not moving. Do you realize that a lot of these boxes contain prescriptions and medication that is delivered directly to patients that need these in a timely manner every day to survive?

I would strongly suggest that if this event should occur in the future again, you rent cargo planes and get your freight delivered to the appropriate locations quickly even if you have to eat some profits. I've personally had to do this more than once in the business I am in and that goes for my employer. There are times we've had to pay money out of pocket to insure the products we move get to the customer quickly and on time or close to it and the service we provide is satisfactory.

It seems evident that you only care about a certain segment of your customer base but not the other. The lackadaisical and callous way you've handled this problem could eventually come back to bite you in the rear end by lawsuits from clients that have lost business from this problem or worse. I can guarantee that by letting your freight sit in the cargo areas of Southwest Airlines while giving priority to the fliers only is going to cost you business and revenue.

Radio Station Update

Yup, another one.

Well, I just had the opportunity to become a "Dad" to six newborn kittens that apparently were abandoned by their mother. They are just a few days old. I will be spending most of my spare time for about the next two months taking care of them until they are old enough to adopt. Fortunately, my friend and his wife will be able to find homes for these kittens and they won't have to end up at a shelter.

I am going to have to push back my start date for the Part 15 AM station until sometime after the New Year. There will be very little chance the station can sign on prior to New Year since I have too many other things that also have to be taken care of such as relocating several hundred miles, getting my house ready to occupy (need a handyman to take care of a few things) and a variety of projects that have to be put in place to get the radio station on the air.

Also, I will not be able to fully upgrade the LPAM.net website until sometime in 2017. No time now. But I will be able to get to updating the links to insure that all are current and functioning and perhaps do a quick, easy change to the appearance of the site. And I will still be able to update news and information regularly. But a full blown make over is definitely out of the question for at least a year. Visit www.lpam.net for the current site devoted to Part 15 AM broadcasting.

Pet Population

This is a first. I don't think I've ever posted to this Blog three straight days before. Ever. Just a lot of things going on that need to be addressed. Here is the latest.

This morning I found six newborn kittens on my apartment's back patio. No mother cat nearby. The woman living in the apartment next to mine has been feeding around 4 or 5 adult cats and a couple of older kittens from a previous litter ever since I moved here in December. It is obvious that these cats have not been fixed. She leaves food and water dishes out for them on her patio.

I can't stress enough to anyone that owns a dog or cat to get these pets spayed or neutered once you get them unless you fully intend to have more mouths to feed. I had my own outdoor cat fixed when she was a few months old and now I have the peace of mind knowing I won't be contributing to the over populated cat population in the world.

My friend and his wife have found homes for unwanted cats and kittens in the past. If they agree to it, I will be bringing these kittens to them to find them a home once they are old enough. Right now I am just hoping the mother will return back here and take care of her kittens. A thunderstorm last night resulted in the adult cats and older kittens taking off presumably to find shelter.

Again, PEASE get your DOGS and CATS FIXED! The cost to feed ten cats and probably even four or five over the course of just one year will likely result in more money out of one's pocket than having two cats fixed!

Rioting and Rising Violence

Another controversial topic but I feel compelled to chime in on the rise in violence in this country.

Now, a message to the people that are perpetrating most of the acts and especially those against the police simply because they believe they are being unjustly persecuted. Granted there does seem to be a rise in police shootings against citizens that seemingly should not be in the sight of a gun by the hands of anyone unless they've committed a serious crime. But it is up to the Attorney General of a State to investigate these matters if the shootings appear unjustified due to the lack of evidence of a serious crime being committed. Taking aim at people (police or private individuals) that have literally played NO ROLE in the unjustified shootings (Dallas and St. Louis) is not the way to solve the problem. And if you had ANY GUTS you would at least direct your anger directly at the people that are RESPONSIBLE for these unjust acts by using the court system to get justice. That is the American way. Shooting up the streets and innocent people is not the way to solve the problem. And in fact, you won't win over any converts to your cause either. If anything you will alienate more people that otherwise might have worked on your behalf with the hope at solving these problems. If this continues you will be destroying your own neighborhoods (like Ferguson, MO), businesses, homes and people. And worse, if this rioting and violence continues to escalate it could lead to Martial Law being declared in the war zones.

Summation. We are a nation of laws which are there to protect everyone. Corruption and ignoring the laws as they exist will only serve to continue the erosion of our quality of life in the cities and suburbs where these violent acts are being perpetrated. If you want to take the problem head on, hire attorney's and sue the alleged perpetrators of these shootings or utilize the local criminal justice system in your city or state to investigate these matters. And if you believe your Civil Rights have been violated you can use the Federal Justice System to investigate these alleged crimes. Stop murdering innocent people in cold blood. You won't win any converts to your cause if this continues.