A Move in the Works

Sometime this summer I will be bidding adieu to Indianapolis. My transfer to St. Louis has been approved. I plan to start looking for a place to live in July or August and once a rental is secured, I will be giving notice in Indy and relocating to the St. Louis area.

For now I plan to keep the home in the Cincinnati area and will decide by the end of the year what I will do with it. I may be letting a family member stay there for a while and if that comes to pass during the Summer, I won't be selling it or moving into it. I will be shopping for another home instead and likely in the area where I will be residing at that time.

Will keep you posted on the plans to return the Part 15 AM radio station to the airwaves right here.

Flying Flags

Noted a couple of issues with flying flags of different countries in Indianapolis recently. Here is a quick primer of how to fly the flag of another country along side that of the USA or any other country.

When you are flying two flags from two different countries (or more) they should ALWAYS been flown at the same height and on different flag poles. NEVER fly the flags of other countries beneath the flag of another country or beneath the flag of a country on the same flag pole.

Recently I saw the flag of Israel and the flag of Canada being flown at a lower height than the American flag in Indianapolis. This is a tremendous sign of disrespect to the country's whose flag is not being displayed at the same height as that of other countries.


I've been very busy with my day job since the start of the New Year. I've only taken about half a dozen days off during that time and was busy with other important activities such as car repairs and work at my house and could not devote any time to this Blog or The LPAM Network website. I will have some time to update both this Memorial Day weekend. Please check back on Monday or Tuesday to see the latest news on both sites.

A Trendsetter?

William C. Walker the epitome of Hip? Could very well be. While I will never post a Selfie on the internet much less take one of myself, I have come up with the novel idea of showing off the Shelves in my apartment and house through what I call a "Shelfie". Check out a couple in the link to the Photos page on the right.

One is my cat Freeway relaxing in a kitchen shelf in my current apartment. She is always looking for a tiny place to curl up. And the other photo is the pantry in the home that I own in the Cincinnati area.

Another Update

Unfortunately work has slowed to a crawl here in Indianapolis with my present employer. Between that and having lost about $6500.00 due to car repairs and lost wages since September I've had to alter my plans to get the radio station back on the air. I am going to try to transfer with my existing employer to our main office where work is plentiful and I can wipe out some debt and get some money back into savings. Thus, at this point in time, everything is in a holding pattern until I find out if my request to move will be granted. If so, then I believe by the end of the year the radio station will be up and running again. Not sure where that will be right now but we'll have to wait and see...

In a nutshell, all social activities that I had planned are canceled indefinitely and all work that I intended to do to launch the radio station is on hold at this time. First and foremost, I have to stabilize my finances before anything else can be accomplished right now.