Men are Tiring of Women...

Or specifically their behavior. Count me among them. And it is happening all over the western world including the United States. Here is the article.

Yet More Randumb Thoughts

Why is it that Super Heroes such as Batman and Robin, The Green Hornet, Superman etc. only serve a specific metro area? You would think that the Federal Government would try to obtain their services to extend them to the entire United States. What gives?

Someone needs to design Ear Buds that look like Potatoes and then market them as Ear Spuds. When you consider how dirty some people's outer ear canals are I suspect Ear Spuds would be highly appropriate for them to wear when listening to their personal audio devices.

Everyone has seen apartment complexes that offer a "Move In Special". But has anyone seen one that offers a "Move Out Special"?

If Land O'Lakes moved their company Headquarters from Minnesota to California, would they rename the country "Land O' Quakes?"

Is this going to be the year that another NFL team equals the perfect record and season of the 1972 Miami Dolphins? Starting to look like that.

LPAM Netwwork Website Note

I am going to have to postpone the updates I had planned for this weekend to the website until next weekend. Unfortunately my accounting software suddenly became corrupt and will no longer function at all. I am going to have to find a new piece of software to handle my accounting and finances over the next few days. This project takes precedence over the radio work for this week. I you understand the situation. Thanks!

Famous Quotes by Gestapo Major Wolfgang Hochstetter

"Every year that man lives takes at least a century of the thousand year Reich! "

"What is THIS MAN doing here?"

"Why so many questions?"

"Everyone is a suspect".

"Nobody gets in or out of the camp. I'm surrounding it with a ring of steel".

"Everybody is under arrest".

"The gestapo never arrests the wrong man. It is against the rules."

Still more Randumb Thoughts

Just wondering… Have any atheists ever volunteered to attend a religious high school, college or choose the Seminary to learn a professional occupation in a religious institution?

Crass transit. When your city bus driver displays a lack of courtesy to the passengers by behaving badly.

Has anyone ever seen a sign that says "Unauthorized Personnel Only?"

Real Gun control is a steady trigger finger. And a related note. Has anyone ever bothered to learn that the state with the most liberal gun laws is also one of if not the safest state? Vermont has almost no violent crime yet anyone can own a gun and a high percentage of residents in the state do own guns. Clearly guns are not the problem, it is the criminals that obtain weapons in the black market that commit most of these crimes.

Why is it when you go to a Garage Sale you never see a Garage for sale? Only house hold or personal items seem to be for sale.

Eat 'n Park. That is the name of a restaurant in western PA. Wouldn't it make more sense to call it "Park 'n Eat"? It's rather difficult to eat before you park your car.

Anyone else own a Gilette Track Two razor? How come every time you try to load a cartridge into the razor from the container it always ends up being upside down?