Where should you Live?

I found the following article very recently and thought I would share it with other people. Anyone that is looking to find a better place to live should give the article a read and then try the test in the link in the story. It will help you to match up your character and personality traits with the best state for each individual.

I took the test and New Mexico of all places apparently is the state I am best suited to calling home. I've only been through it a couple of times and know very little about the place. May have to do some research on it just for kicks.


Flying the Flag of the USA

  • When I am out driving around I notice people that fly the American Flag often times have it flying at the same height as a state Flag or the Flag of some other type. The ONLY time another Flag should be flown at the same height with the American Flag is when it is the Flag of another country. Please be aware of this if you fly our Flag at your home or business.


adjective: incompetent
  • 1.
    not having or showing the necessary skills to do something successfully.
    "a forgetful and utterly incompetent assistant"
  • synonyms:

    • LAW
      not qualified to act in a particular capacity.
      "the patient is deemed legally incompetent"
      (esp. of a valve or sphincter) not able to perform its function.

noun: incompetent; plural noun: incompetents
  • 1.
    an incompetent person.

Baseball Season is Upon Us

Here’s a good article from the Hartford Courant about some of the Hall of Fame greats of the game from the 1930’s and 1940’s that played for and against the Savitt Gems team. Babe Ruth and Ted Williams played for the Gems! Link.

Happy Ground Hog Day!

Just taking a moment to wish everyone out there a very Merry and Joyous Ground Hog Day 2014! Regardless of what Punxatawney Phil says this year, we’re still going to have six more months of winter.