More Randumb Thoughts

Has anyone ever tried making Italian Spaghetti with Swedish Meatballs?

Why is it whenever you watch a cooking show on television they never prepare a dish that is unfit for human consumption? Every dish comes out great. LOL

Currently I am living in Indianapolis and I have a very bad sinus condition that has developed here due to the poor air quality in the region. People are skeptical when I tell them this and insist that it is a fabrication and a psychosomatic condition. But am confident it is not all in my head.

With all the latest talk about more gun control by some people I got to thinking. When you look at how many people die in or from automobile wrecks, air plane crashes and even TV's falling on little kids, why haven't cars, planes and televisions been banned?

If you ever come across a noisy pumpkins in a pumpkin patch, simply tell them they will become a Pumpkin Pie if they don't quiet down. That should shut them up.

A new product for vegetarians that still like the flavor of meat but don't want to eat Beef. Hamburger Helper Helper.

Why isn't former Miami Dolphin Offensive Guard, Bob Kuechenberg in the National Football League Hall of Fame? For many years they overlooked Harry Carson of the NY Giants and now it seems time for Kuechenberg to be elected to the Hall of Fame.

Midwest Economic Growth Areas

Just found the following article about the state of the current economy in the Midwest metro areas. Shocked to see that Cincinnati is seeing the most job growth in the Midwest. And equally shocking is the fact that Detroit, yes Detroit is actually seeing strong job growth again after decades of decline. Details in the following article.


NY Yankee Yogi Berra Passes

One of the greatest catcher's in MLB history passed away yesterday at the age of 90. More details can be found here.

While I never got a chance to see him play I remember him well as a coach and manager and also for his famous quips in sound clips for decades.

Randumb Thoughts

Why is it when a stranger asks you "how are you?" and you start telling them precisely how you are, they suddenly seem disinterested in the topic at hand? They initiate the conversation and seem interested in how you are doing but then when you tell them, they lose interest. LOL

The audio level that a person sets his or her TV or Stereo at speaks volumes about that person's personality.

Never purchase a car that comes with a well equipped Discomfort and Inconvenience Package.

Does anyone else think that Donald Trump is a Republican In Name Only?

And is anyone else growing weary of the Progressive Insurance ad campaign with Flo? They seem to be getting more and more obnoxious by the month.

Nothing like being Flexible

At the moment, I am mulling over my options for relocating out of Indianapolis. One thing is certain I can no longer afford to have the mistakes that other people are making jeopardize my future plans.

I am still going to explore transferring with my existing employer though a move back to Kansas City is a more likely scenario at this point. The air quality in St. Louis is nearly as bad as Indianapolis and given the amount of problems I am having with the air quality in Indy, it seems pointless to relocate to an area that will give me nearly as many problems breathing.

So, at this point, I will be in Indy a bit longer and once I know how the family issue turns out, I can make a better decision about how to proceed with relocation and also, when it will happen. Clearly this means the radio station is still on hold for now.