Mutual Broadcast News

The Mutual Broadcast News Network has partnered with WILW Radio and the Low Power AM Radio Network ( to extend a discount to Part 15 AM broadcasters that utilize the LPAM Network website. Visit the website for more information about how you can get a regularly updated network newscast on a hourly schedule for your station.

Website Changes Forthcoming...

A major overhaul of the WILW Radio site and blog is on the way by early October. And at that time I will divulge the general area where I'll be launching my Part 15 AM radio station. More details will be outlined at that time.

The Low Power AM Radio Network Site

I've finally had a chance to start updating the links and news on The Low Power AM Radio Network website. I've got about half of the site completed and should have the other half finished over the next weekend. As always, feel free to send any submissions to me at wilwradio at mac dot com. Links to news stories, services or Part 15 AM stations is always welcome.

Radio Update

Mostly good news. My transfer out of the KC area has been approved. I will be back working in Indy by the late Fall.

The flea powered Part 15 AM station will require a lot more preparation and cost than I first realized. Since I've been off the air for more than a decade and have not had a chance to upgrade many pieces of equipment or computers it is now likely the station won't actually hit the air until late Winter or Spring. The house where I will set up the station presents numerous environmental challenges for siting the transmitter and the installation. Also issues exist that will reduce the range of the signal and I need to do some research to see if I can find a relatively good spot on the property for the transmitter. Maximum range will be a real challenge here and it is likely I will have to settle for less.

I will announce by early Fall the general region where the station will launch. For now I will say that if you draw a 125 mile radius around Indianapolis, that my new home and the home of the station will reside in a community within that circle. No more details until I am closer to moving into the place.

Randumb Thoughts for July

Beware of any Online Logo Creator that claims that they are giving you a "free" logo. I've found that most of them trick you into believing that you are going to be able to create a logo by your own hand and can then download it to use as you see fit. That is not the case. In reality, once you've completed the logo and want to download it, they will ask you for personal information and then ask the you purchase it.

I certainly don't have a problem with buying something of this nature after creating it and I may do so unless I purchase software that allows me to create my own logos and graphics. But it is evident these Online Logo Creator sites are not being up front from the start of the design process that you will have to pay for the logo once it is completed. A very sleazy business practice and consumers need to be wary of these sites.

Has anyone ever noticed while watching reruns of old sitcoms that neighbors and friends of characters on the show usually just walk into a house or apartment without knocking? Or if they knock they simply enter the home after they've knocked and made their presence known? You would think that home owners and apartment dwellers would have enough sense to lock their doors especially at night when they are living in a apartment to keep just anyone out.

Are you one of those people that scoff at the idea of eating non GMO foods which would primarily include organic fruits and vegetables? If so, one thing to consider that may have you changing your mind. While the jury is still out concerning the "safety factor" of eating Genetically Modified foods and since no verifiable studies indicate you could perish from GMO foods, you should at least consider that Organic foods do not use ANY pesticides or harmful chemicals when fertilizing the crops or to prevent bugs and harmful animals from damaging the crops. With that in mind, at the very least if you purchase Organic products, you can be assured that you are getting fruits and vegetable that contain no potentially harmful chemicals on the outside of the food. And as always, make sure you wash all of your produce before eating it raw or even when cooking it.

I am going to put in a plug for the University of Connecticut to be considered by the Big 12 Conference for one of their next teams when they expand. Some facts to ponder.

UConn is one of the top public universities as ranked by US News and World Report. I believe it is the 19th best public college academically in the country. Next, the Hartford-New Haven Television market ranked at number 30 is larger than Cincinnati, Memphis and most other potential candidates except for Houston. Also, access to the fan base in Boston, New York City and Providence along with the nearby Springfield, MA market will yield a potential gold mine for ad revenue generated by television broadcasts of UConn games. Also, adding Cincinnati and UConn will give West Virginia some nearby rivals from its stay in the Big East Conference. Lengthy travel these days is a non issue since revenue can sustain air travel from coast to coast for the bigger Conferences like the Big 12. Lastly, and likely not needing to be mentioned is the fact that both the Men's and Women's UConn basketball programs are among the elite in the country. With all that in mind, UConn appears to offer some real benefits to a established Conference like the Big 12.