Car Woes

As luck would have it the engine in my car has all but died and needs to be replaced. I have been off the road for a week now and can only work a couple of days a week until I have the engine replaced. I do have an engine on order and it should arrive and be installed in about two weeks. In the meantime I will be spending some quality time with my computer and can devote a lot of time to some projects that previously I have not had the time to spend.

My Kingdom (and Yours) for Clean Air!

The air quality in Indiana is terrible at least if you are within about 40 to 50 miles of Indianapolis. Found some natural remedies that can offer temporary relief to seriously bad sinus symptoms. While they won't eliminate the most serious problems such as Vertigo, at least you can greatly reduce the sneezing and stuffy nose issues with some of the following:

Fresh garlic. Eat a couple of cloves a day. Will help clear out your sinuses for a few hours and also reduce blood pressure.

Azuki beans. Simmer in water for at least an hour and then eat. Will help remove heavy metal particles in your body. This in turn can help you to breathe better.

Bananas. Yep, yellow Bananas. I ate seven of them this morning and within the hour the potassium in them started to clear out my sinus condition. Lasted for about two to three hours. Can't eat that many all the time but if you need temporary relief and want a healthy snack at the same time, this works.

Lastly, the best cure of all is to trust your nose and move to an area where the air quality is better and the symptoms are reduced or eliminated. Will have to leave this last tip up to your own nose.

Radio Update

I will be continuing in my present field of employment for a while longer while I try to find a suitable property in which to run the radio station. As usual another project of mine is taking a whole lot longer to develop than I had hoped. Just too many obstacles and distractions crop up (most are out of my control) and take time and money away from seeing this to completion.

Also, just to reaffirm I do intend to keep the LPAM Network website up and running for at least another year. But I will rebuild the site by this Winter once I get another computer and can do the necessary upgrades that are needed to eliminate the bugs with the current site.

Socks and Laundry

OK. The latest subject no doubt will interest many especially since at one time or another everyone has done a load of laundry.

Why is it that almost every time I do a load of laundry I lose a sock? Usually it turns up a few days later or the following week after I find it stuck inside something like a pair of pants or inside the washer or dryer despite the fact I meticulously went through each machine the prior week or when the last wash occurred to insure that nothing was left inside.

Today I found a gym sock that was lost for a week. Get this, it was in with my boxer shorts which are an array of plaid colors and not even remotely appearing as though they are gym socks.

I just finished another load today and lo and behold, yep, another sock has vanished. I went through every article of clothing that was in the washer and drier with this wash and I still can't find it. It's not in the washer and not in the drier either. But how much do you want to bet it will turn up by next week when washing day comes around?

Gremlins must be getting them...

Radio Station Update

My plans to develop the Part 15 AM radio station in the Cincinnati area appears to be in jeopardy. Several issues that are out of my control have arisen over the last few months and they are negatively impacting my plans to put the station on the air there.

I am currently working on an alternate plan and have started to look at new communities that should offer a viable backup plan in case my current plans are dead in the water. The biggest issue is that housing prices are rising fast and I am being priced out of the market for a second home which is critical for the location of a second transmitter. And another serious problem stemming from a nearby property that is creating a real noise issue is also a major factor.

Stay tuned to the site for new information as it becomes available. I will make a decision about whether or not to throw in the towel in the current location and go to another by this Fall.