Barbara Jean Walker passes away this past week

Aunt Barbara as she was known to me or simply "Barb" or "Barbara" to countless others left this Earth this past week for a final trip to Heaven. Aunt Barbara was born and raised in Vermont and lived her entire life in New England.

She was a caring, lively person and a self starter who enjoyed hosting and managing family functions and also was involved in many activities outside of our family circle. Ever though I had not been able to visit with her for a number of years due to time and financial constraints and my work schedule, I still thought about her often and recalled all the great times we had at their (with her husband Uncle John) at their homes in Granby and at other family gatherings where ever they may have been. I have many wonderful memories of Aunt Barbara and she will always be in my thoughts and prayers.

You can read her Obituary

Al Jezeera

The following is for the uninitiated.

All Jezeera is a propaganda wing for Radical Islam. In World War Two the Germans had Axis Annie. The Japanese had Tokyo Rose. And the former Soviet Union had a newspaper called Pravda which dispensed lies about the West for decades following World War Two.

Anyone that actually believes the story and allegation that Peyton Manning used Human Growth Hormones is either a fool or possibly allied with certain forces that are working against the United States of America.

Anything coming out of that news source is likely a lie and little else.

Back in the Kansas City Area

I'm finally out of Indiana and back in the Kansas City area. I am going to just take things a month at a time and see how work goes and life outside of work before I make any firm decision about future plans. Clearly any decision that I make about where to settle will largely depend upon my being able to develop the Part 15 AM radio station.

On a related note. Some of us that played a role in the development of licensed LPFM (Low Power FM) and also petitioned the FCC to develop licensed LPAM a decade ago are considering another try at getting a commercial licensed LPAM service developed. The FCC recently asked for public comments concerning use for the Expanded AM Broadcast band and once they issue a Report and Order from those comments, we'll decide if LPAM is again worth pursuing.

Stay tuned here for any new developments...

San Bernardino Massacre

I found this while scanning the internet. Seems to be reputable. People that are apologists for Islam need to wake up before they find themselves victims just like the people that were murdered in San Bernardino. Facebook Post.

Men are Tiring of Women...

Or specifically their behavior. Count me among them. And it is happening all over the western world including the United States. Here is the article.