Message for Jehovas Witnesses

I was raised in a Swedish Evangelical Lutheran Church in Hartford, CT. Both our Pastors at that time taught us it was inappropriate to go Door to Door trying to convert people to our religion. Please read the following that reinforces this fact that Christ and his Apostles discouraged followers from behaving in this manner. Two examples:



You may not realize it but by going Door to Door and trying to convert people to Christianity, you are going against the wishes of Christ and God.

Islam is showing its true Colors

This article says it all. Germany is going to give birth to another Adolph Hitler while the world sits by sucking its thumb. Unless the moderates within the Islamic religion develop a backbone and try to put a stop to garbage like this, we are going to see this spread all over the Globe in the next decade including the USA. It's just a matter of time before shirts reading "I'm with Stupid" are replaced by people wearing shirts saying "I'm with Dolph".

The $20 Bill

Here's a better idea. No point in continuing to bury the history of the USA.

Create a new $30 Bill and put Harriet Tubman's face on that. Inflation is growing each passing year and it may be time to create a Bill that is larger than the $20 Bill but smaller than the $50 Bill.

Mental Health of Americans

I think this article sums it up. And it appears to be getting worse as time marches forward.

Sinus Problems?

Looking for an all natural cure for sinus problems? I've found the following to work well for both sinus infections and allergies.

Recently I had a very bad sinus infection that dragged on for a month. Decided to try using a combination of Oil of Oregano, fresh Garlic and Cider Vinegar. I took three eye droppers of Oil of Oregano at various intervals each day along with three good sized garlic cloves. And I also gargled with Cider Vinegar. Water down the Cider Vinegar to a ratio of about half water and half Cider Vinegar. Go heavier on the Cider Vinegar if you can stand the taste. Gargle with it for a few seconds and spit it out. I did this also three times a day. Within a week the Sinus Infection was completely gone!

For allergies I've found the Oil of Oregano works best. Two or three eye droppers a day on the worst days helps keep the sinuses reasonably clear for several hours making it possible to reduce the sneezing and sniffling that goes with allergy season. Most natural food stores will carry Oil of Oregano or you can buy it online.