A Trendsetter?

William C. Walker the epitome of Hip? Could very well be. While I will never post a Selfie on the internet much less take one of myself, I have come up with the novel idea of showing off the Shelves in my apartment and house through what I call a "Shelfie". Check out a couple in the link to the Photos page on the right.

One is my cat Freeway relaxing in a kitchen shelf in my current apartment. She is always looking for a tiny place to curl up. And the other photo is the pantry in the home that I own in the Cincinnati area.

Another Update

Unfortunately work has slowed to a crawl here in Indianapolis with my present employer. Between that and having lost about $6500.00 due to car repairs and lost wages since September I've had to alter my plans to get the radio station back on the air. I am going to try to transfer with my existing employer to our main office where work is plentiful and I can wipe out some debt and get some money back into savings. Thus, at this point in time, everything is in a holding pattern until I find out if my request to move will be granted. If so, then I believe by the end of the year the radio station will be up and running again. Not sure where that will be right now but we'll have to wait and see...

In a nutshell, all social activities that I had planned are canceled indefinitely and all work that I intended to do to launch the radio station is on hold at this time. First and foremost, I have to stabilize my finances before anything else can be accomplished right now.

LPAM Network Website

I will be adding a couple of new station links to the list very soon. Hoped to do it last month but have not only been very busy with my day job (working 7 days a week for the last two months minus two days off each month) but also with recuperating from the knee injury. Back up and running again and I should have time to update the site very soon.

There seems to be a lack of interest in the message board. If I don't see activity pick up in the next few months it is likely I will simply remove it from the site and stick to providing information to the Part 15 AM community.

Men in America

Read this. Found it on the internet. Totally pathetic. Men have become sissified to the point that they are no longer men. This "little boy's" mommy won't let him have his play thing any more and has been told to get rid of it. The way I see it, no point in dating anymore since women apparently want to wear the pants in a relationship these days.

I have an eight inch powered Velodyne CHT-10 sub woofer and a surround sound (5.0) speaker set. The surround sound speakers are all built in Denmark and are of high quality materials. They sound great. NO SCRATCHES
Wife says I have to get rid of them which is why the price is so low.

More Delays

I won't be able to spend very much time sitting at the computer for the next month. Ever since I was a teenager I've trouble with my knee and while I have not had very much trouble with it for the last decade for some reason I seem to have sprained it again. Thankfully I am able to work at my day job but when I am not doing that I have to be off my feet and spend a little quality time with an ice pack.

Since I have been dealing with this for decades, I know that I am looking at around a month before I will be able to sit for any length of time at the keyboard and update the LPAM Network website. May be able to do a blog entry since it is likely to be short but that is all.

I guess on the bright side at least I was able to get the new site up and running before this happened and now just some occasional updates will be needed to keep the site fresh.