Nothing like being Flexible

At the moment, I am mulling over my options for relocating out of Indianapolis. One thing is certain I can no longer afford to have the mistakes that other people are making jeopardize my future plans.

I am still going to explore transferring with my existing employer though a move back to Kansas City is a more likely scenario at this point. The air quality in St. Louis is nearly as bad as Indianapolis and given the amount of problems I am having with the air quality in Indy, it seems pointless to relocate to an area that will give me nearly as many problems breathing.

So, at this point, I will be in Indy a bit longer and once I know how the family issue turns out, I can make a better decision about how to proceed with relocation and also, when it will happen. Clearly this means the radio station is still on hold for now.

Steak and Shake

Now that half the country seems to be having earthquakes or tremors, and especially areas where Steak and Shake is located I am wondering if they should rename the company name to "Steak and Shake and Quake?". Just a thought. LOL

A Giant Legend Passes

Frank Gifford, the Hall of Famer and legend formerly with the New York Football Giants passed away on Sunday August 9 at his home in Greenwich, CT.

Frank played during an era where many players played positions both on offense and defense. He was the leading rusher for the Giants for many years and led them to the NFL Championship in 1956. He also played in the era where helmets still did not have a face mask.

I never had a chance to meet Frank Gifford but back in 1980 while I was still in High School and living in Simsbury, CT I had a chance to talk to a former team mate of Frank's that was now playing Jazz Piano at a restaurant called "The Clam Broth House" in Simsbury. Lloyd Gilliam played with Frank and said he was one of the greatest players in the NFL during the 50's and 60's. He had good memories of Frank and the team and said his leadership on offense was instrumental in the success the Giants achieved in that era.

While I am too young to have seen Frank play I did get a chance to see him in the Monday Night Football booth along with Howard Cosell and Dandy Don Merideth in the 70's and later on with Al Michaels and Dan Dierdort. You can still find some archived Monday Night Football broadcasts in You Tube with Frank Gifford if you want to relieve his time in the broadcast booth. One notable game is from December 1973 between the Miami Dolphins and Pittsburgh Steelers. The entire game is available in You Tube and listening to Frank, Howard and Dandy Don banter and bicker as they always did is still entertaining over 40 years after that game was broadcast!

The memory of Frank Gifford will always remain in fans of the Giants and also those that were fortunate enough to have the opportunity to rub elbows with him outside of the game. A great Giant and a great man with a very positive impact on the lives of others is how he will best be rememberd.

A personal message to the people of the Indianapolis area

Now that my transfer out of Indy has been approved, this seems like the right time for me to share a few of my experiences and opinions of the place and people.

First, I would like to say that bar none, the people in Indianapolis have got to be about the rudest, most obnoxious people I've had the misfortune to live and work around. Daily I receive abuse insults and snide comments. Rumors and lies abound and your malicious gossip is ruing my reputation. Fortunately my real friends know who and what I am and don't attempt to label me as something unsavory or even worse.

Your addle brained, delusional beliefs are the product of a backwater. Indy is too big for its britches. You have an artificially inflated sense of your own self worth and identity. In short, perhaps the following link will help bring you back to earth. Lord knows you people are living in another galaxy, far far away. To say "it ain't that great" is putting it mildly.

You have a system set up here that discourages good, hard working people from not only wanting to work here but stay here. Seems like incompetence and laziness is at least encouraged and possibly rewarded judging by how I see people pass the buck on certain duties on a near daily basis. And you wonder why you can't find good, hard working employees? After the way I've been treated here I would never stay in the state of Indiana.

And if by some stroke of bad luck my transfer gets fouled up because of you people, I already have a job lined up in the southern part of the country through a friend with some good connections.

Keep your pretentious, rude obnoxious comments to yourselves. And the same goes for you addle brained thoughts. Essentially you behave like common thugs and bullies.

So long...

Another change in Plans

Yep. Nothing going according to what I laid out. A family matter that I am indirectly involved with is part of the problem and as a result, transferring to St. Louis may change to a transfer back to Kansas City. Or maybe something completely different. Will announce it here in the early Fall. I should know by that time if the problem is resolved.