LPAM Network Website

I will be adding a couple of new station links to the list very soon. Hoped to do it last month but have not only been very busy with my day job (working 7 days a week for the last two months minus two days off each month) but also with recuperating from the knee injury. Back up and running again and I should have time to update the site very soon.

There seems to be a lack of interest in the message board. If I don't see activity pick up in the next few months it is likely I will simply remove it from the site and stick to providing information to the Part 15 AM community.

Men in America

Read this. Found it on the internet. Totally pathetic. Men have become sissified to the point that they are no longer men. This "little boy's" mommy won't let him have his play thing any more and has been told to get rid of it. The way I see it, no point in dating anymore since women apparently want to wear the pants in a relationship these days.

I have an eight inch powered Velodyne CHT-10 sub woofer and a surround sound (5.0) speaker set. The surround sound speakers are all built in Denmark and are of high quality materials. They sound great. NO SCRATCHES
Wife says I have to get rid of them which is why the price is so low.

More Delays

I won't be able to spend very much time sitting at the computer for the next month. Ever since I was a teenager I've trouble with my knee and while I have not had very much trouble with it for the last decade for some reason I seem to have sprained it again. Thankfully I am able to work at my day job but when I am not doing that I have to be off my feet and spend a little quality time with an ice pack.

Since I have been dealing with this for decades, I know that I am looking at around a month before I will be able to sit for any length of time at the keyboard and update the LPAM Network website. May be able to do a blog entry since it is likely to be short but that is all.

I guess on the bright side at least I was able to get the new site up and running before this happened and now just some occasional updates will be needed to keep the site fresh.

States with the most immature Men

Just found this on the web. Not good news for me since I have chosen a state to move to that is on the top ten of the list and the state right across the river is in the top ten and the other one nearby is in the top 12 and where I currently reside. Ugh.


Ikea Swedish Meatballs

I've read some rnegative eviews from people that have purchased and cooked the Swedish Meatballs from Ikea. I think I can offer a suggestion that will improve the experience when eating these.

First, I should mention my mother's side of the family is from Sweden. I used to eat home made Swedish Meatballs that my Grandmother and Mother used to make. Clearly the Ikea version is a bit different than the family recipe but the Ikea recipe is actually pretty good if you follow a couple of simple rules when making them.

First, don't bake them. I don't ever recall seeing Swedish Meatballs getting baked in our family. Fry them. It may be possible to par bake them but then I would recommend frying them to get a better texture. And use a little bit of butter in the frying pan when you fry them up. The flavor of the spices will meld more smoothly when you saute' the meatballs in some butter for a few minutes. They will not turn out hard like rocks which seems to be the case if they are only baked.

I made home made meatballs a couple of years ago and I did not bake them. Only friend them in a little butter. They turned out fine and were not hard like hockey pucks. That seems to be the key to a better and more authentic Swedish Meatball!